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This quarter explores ways of honoring God through worship. The Old Testament sessions recall how David and Solomon honored God by establishing the center of worship in Jerusalem and building the Temple. The New Testament sessions focus on Jesus’ teachings about right attitudes that honor God through worship.

UNIT 1 • David Honors God

The first three lessons are from 1 Chronicles and tell about David bringing the Ark to Jerusalem, leading the people in offering a psalm of thanksgiving, and planning to build a house for God. Lesson 4, the Christmas lesson, considers Mary’s visit to Elizabeth as found in Luke. Lesson 5 returns to 1 Chronicles and David’s prayer of gratitude for God’s promise of a dynasty.

UNIT 2 • Dedicating the Temple of God

These four lessons explore Solomon’s dedication of the Temple in 1 Kings. Solomon honors God by providing a place for the Ark, offering blessings to God for fulfilling the promise to David, by praying that God would hear prayers offered in the Temple, by calling the people to keep God’s commandments, and by offering sacrifices to God.

UNIT 3 • Jesus Teaches about True Worship

This unit has four lessons that explore what Jesus says about honoring God through one’s spiritual practices. Matthew points to right attitudes in obeying God only and in honoring God in almsgiving and in prayer. The prayer of Jesus provides a comprehensive life approach to honoring God. Luke teaches about perseverance in prayer as a way to honor God.

Direction® Teacher offers 13 complete lesson plans and includes a Bible Study Guide

complete with in-depth information to give students (ages 35 and up) more insight into the

text. Also included are teaching instructions and background information from the Precepts

For Living® annual commentary.

• Lessons are outlined and include background information so readers get an in-depth

explanation of the Scriptures.

• Analysis is written in easy-to-understand language.

• Thought-provoking questions challenge students and stimulate discussions.

• Effective, detailed plans lead students to discover and demonstrate God’s truth.


Quarter At-A-Glance: Outlines what will be studied throughout the quarter

Black History Profile: Gives insight into the life of an influential person of the African


Teaching Tips: Provides an overview and outline for approaching all the lesson’s material

More Light on the Text: Offers a fuller look into the meaning of the text with insights into

the original biblical language

Make It Happen: Suggests ways to make a specific, personal commitment and take action

on what was learned through the lesson

Daily Bible Readings: Lists Scriptures to read throughout the week that support quarterly

topics and principles

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