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This book, (Book 1 in Trauma to Recovery™ series) paints a raw picturesque story of a young Nigerian, American born Prince, the multiple traumatic assaults on his sexuality, his struggles with "tabooed" mental illness, his impactful responses to the global pandemics plaguing America and the world at large, and candid advice to families whose lives are being shattered by poisons of secrecy.

His "Aunty," "Big Mummy," is known globally as the Princess of Suburbia®, Over 16x Bestselling Author, TEDx Talk Speaker, Indiefest Film Award Winner & a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Dr. of Nurse Practice, lending her own story of suicidal attempt and her literary platform to Abdul Rahman's Powerful story of healing, transformation, from trauma to recovery.

This book, part autobiography, educational, inspirational, motivational, and an "in your face" presentation is yet a "love letter" to all of the "Abdul Rahman" (who feels rejected, damaged, down-casted and out) in the world and their families who are trying desperately to understand how to help their loved ones.

To families who seem like they have gotten it all wrong; to those who do not truly understand mental illness, here is your chance to look candidly through the eyes of Abdul Rahman and Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock.

Are you looking for a book that will bring an eye-opening account and a visual representation of a mind trapped in schizoaffective disorder, bulimia, and other co-morbid disorders? Do you want to know how to combat the impact of all these pandemics on you or your loved ones? THIS IS A MUST READ AND A MUST SHARE FOR YOU. It may very well save your loved one. Knowledge is power. 

"We come from a silent culture. As such, some of our family members are afraid for us! In this volatile atmosphere, particularly in America where we reside, they are afraid that some radical organizations may choose to bounce on the story and be offended.  Others may misinterpret and draw unnecessary conclusions. Alas, some from Africa may wonder why we have chosen to release such a book! IT IS TIME! It is time to break through the cold glass wall of our silent culture and simply TELL THE TRUTH!" - Princess Fumi Hancock, DNP., PMHNP-BC, CNP.

"My name is Abdul Rahman. Don't let that scare you. My name means, "Servant of the Most Merciful."  I am proud to be living up to this name and I will not change it to make you comfortable. Yes, I have a long beard and I am growing my hair out but let me assure you, I AM NOT A TERRORIST." - Abdul Rahman

"A New Philosopher is Born. We are the grandparents of a new writer, a philosopher and an avid thinker. Ever since this prodigy was born into our family by our single-mother daughter, we did not realize that God blessed our family with this genius until he completed decided to continue his studies in Psychology. However, his interactions with us, his grandparents and with other siblings in his father's house clearly depict that his IQ is exceptionally high. It is our pleasure to recommend this first work of Oluwadamilola Abdul Rahman, Dami for short, as a good writer to everyone eager to see how easy it is to develop raw psychology, after going through intrigues in a polygamous family." - Prince and Princess Theophilus and Eunice Ogunleye.

Religione e spiritualità
9 gennaio
The Princess of Suburbia® Publishing

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