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Eighteen years have passed since Jasin Támariz and Tatiana Richfield took their fateful trip to England and fell through the realms…into a time when they were revered as champions, knights of the Round Table, and wives of two of the most legendary men in history, Lancelot duLac and Arthur Pendragon. They did what they promised they would do: they saved Camelot from ruin and turned the tides from fabled myth to living history.

That was then. Their work was finished, and now they were home.

Ever since they came back from their extraordinary adventure, they haven’t spoken. Friendships that had seemed stronger than iron ramparts simply fell apart when they left their idyllic lives in the past. They each patched up their shattered lives and moved on – Jase to the Mideast coast of the United States; Tash to the rolling hills of southern England.

Little do they know that the Fates are already plotting to throw them back together again. The Council of Twelve, the dragon center of the Camelot lore, has been lost, thrown into another dimension by an unknown force of unimaginable evil. The race is on to resurrect new champions of the Council bloodline to thwart that evil. And, as it was with Tash and Jase…those who have the bloodline have the power.

Fantascienza e fantasy
September 4
Rebecca Cross

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