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Her kiss will rock his world…

Dragon shifter Rhys believes in what he can hold in his talons. A chef with his own restaurant, he is organized, practical, and distrusts surprises. When his firestorm sparks in the realm of Fae, he’s sure it’s an illusion created by the Dark Queen and a trap. Even though he wants a partner and family again more than anything else, Rhys isn’t going to be seduced by a fake destined mate—even if the kiss of that beautiful selkie melts his very soul and is one temptation he can’t resist…

Selkie Lila learned long ago that her independence is her most precious possession. But Rhys challenges everything she believes to be true about mortals—he defends her right to choose, even at his own peril, and that’s more seductive than Lila wants to admit. Is it just a trick to convince her to bear his son? Or is this Pyr warrior as honorable as he appears to be?

When an ancient and evil dragon prince joins forces with the Dark Queen to eliminate both the Pyr and the selkies, Rhys and Lila must work together to save their kinds—and each other. When they plunge into unknown realms with only each other to rely upon, will their combined abilities be enough to triumph—or will they have to surrender more for their unborn son and the chance of a future together?

The DragonFate Novels continue the stories of the Pyr, Deborah's shape-shifting dragon heroes introduced in the Dragonfire Novels. These are paranormal romances, each one featuring the romance of a dragon shifter hero and his destined mate - in DragonFate, however, the heroines have powers of their own. Challenged by the seductive heat of the firestorm, each couple must work together in the quest to defeat the Dark Fae, who would eliminate them all. There are also two slow burn romances that arc over the entire series - the vampire Sebastian and the witch Sylvia, and two dragon shifters, Mel and Theo.

The DragonFate Novels (so far):

1. Maeve's Book of Beasts (a prequel)

2. Dragon's Kiss (dragon shifter Kristofer and Valkyrie Bree)

3. Dragon's Heart (dragon shifter Rhys and selkie Lila)

4. Dragon's Mate (dragon shifter Hadrian and swan maiden Rania)

5. Dragon's Wolf (dragon shifter Arach and wolf shifter Wynter) - coming May 2022

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11 agosto
Deborah A. Cooke

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