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Seven days to live. Only one way out.

It was supposed to be a routine ransom drop. Dump the money, collect the kid. The sort of case FBI agent Ishmael Soul has seen a thousand times in his big, bad life.

But kidnappers make their own rules. When things go horribly wrong, Dr. Soul—an expert on the occult and psychic phenomena—wakes to find himself locked in an underground bunker with only one chance for survival.

Shackled, tortured, and starved, the great sleuth must now enlist the help of his fellow captive—a very unusual child. A boy with extraordinary powers that Soul can't begin to fathom.

Dr. Soul has spent his life studying gifted people called thinks. But how do you connect with a sweet, innocent think who cannot look another human being in the eye?

As the deadline for death creeps closer, can Soul work his magic in time to save both their lives?

Ear of God is the second in the spellbinding Mesmerist Thriller Series, known for psychic phenomena, page-turning suspense, and heart-pounding action.

If you're a fan of occult detectives, horrific paranormal happenings, and diabolical twists and turns, you owe it to yourself to check out Ear of God.

Don't even think about it. Get it today.

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Joseph D'Agnese is a winner of the Derringer Award for Short Mystery Fiction. His work has appeared in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine, Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, and the prestigious annual Best American Mystery Stories anthology. He lives in North Carolina.

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19 novembre
Joseph D'Agnese

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