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NASA and ESA (The European Space Agency) launch the largest interstellar ship ever, the Evolution, headed by Captain Jim Tale. Its mission is to reach the nearest exoplanet and set up a basic colony, all in the hopes of finding a new world for humanity, one where it can start over again in the event that the powers that be, destroy Earth with their nuclear arsenal. Jim Tale is a different type of astronaut; gritty, rough-spoken and haunted by the death of his wife, he not only wants to get away from Earth, he hopes to find answers out there to the existential questions which no one seems to have - how it did it all start. A thrilling adventure, Earth Escape takes Jim and his crew on a journey that no one could have ever predicted - and in the end, Jim's overwhelming drive to find those answers to our existence, force him to the very edge of the Universe.

Herb Baker, who had a 40+ year career with NASA, and who has known many astronauts in his time, had this to say in his forward to Earth Escape...
"I grew up a few miles from what is now NASA’s Johnson Space Center, went to school with the kids of the original Mercury Seven and Apollo astronauts, and recently retired after a 40+ year career at NASA. I’ve been lucky enough to meet and become friends with many American astronauts over that time and following along with this book’s brave, irreverent, plain-spoken astronaut Jim Tale reminded me of some of those real-life American heroes. No matter how dangerous and life-threatening their mission was, or how many unexpected complications they faced along the way, they were committed to completing their mission and always believed that the rewards were worth the risks."
“It is a wonderful piece of speculative fiction, clearly inspired by the grand masters of the genre, Asimov, Clarke and Heinlein..."
"…this is dystopian sci-f at its best. Highly recommended.”
"A fast-paced science-fiction novel that intertwines elements of suspense, romance, while tackling some of life's biggest questions…”
“… a fast-paced odyssey beyond the very edge of the universe and into the void in this gripping, surprising, and very thoughtful science fiction novel.”
"Well written book in the sci fi genre dealing with existentialism."

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Réal Laplaine

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