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Two billion years on from today and mankind has been replaced by a sinister new master race that bears more than just a passing resemblance to our own. An evil dictator by the name of Walter Strumphh rules his terrified people with a rod of iron. At the heart of Strumphh’s empire is a vast cloning factory that produces all the meat, fuel and clothing his poor minions require, making him filthy rich in the process. The factory is reliant upon a steady stream of genetically manufactured sheep, brainless and fit for slaughter. But there’s a sheep on the outside of the compound determined to fleece the wicked Walter Strumphh once and for all. Nabi is no ordinary sheep. Brave, quick, resourceful and highly intelligent, he’s determined to liberate this condemned flock, in the hope that one of them might turn out to be just like him - kind, clever and ambitious – and able to boldly lead his fellow sheep in the future. Once inside the factory, Nabi finds one such like-minded animal, a lightening quick animal with a dazzling, multi-coloured woollen coat, Eric. It’s clear that Nabi’s new friend has some very special powers and the ability to be their leading ram. Their forces united, the two sheep daringly escape but are quickly separated, and any hope of defeating Strumphh and saving their world hangs by a thread. Eric must find a band of equally feisty supporters in order to destroy the inner workings of the factory, preventing Strumphh from cloning any more innocent sheep, and freeing those already destined for death. But with the dictator hot on his heels, Eric and his Woolly Jumpers’ days may yet be numbered.

23 giugno
Dolman Scott Publishers

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