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Cartwright pals up with his schooldays friend, Deirdre, after his engagement to Daisy comes to an abrupt end. Deirdre uncharacteristically gets tipsy and attempts to seduce Ron.
MI6 keep tabs on Cartwright, the hapless ex-RAF erk. The notorious communist agent, ex-RAF Sergeant Brassard, is incarcerated in Wakeford high security prison. With the mysterious agent, Mrs X, suddenly called to her mother in South Africa, Ron loses his chief contact. West Riding County Police are co-opted into helping MI5 keep watch on Carr Manor, with unfortunate results. Just when events cool off, Ron’s sister, Vera, appears to have been abducted. The Cartwright Saga continues with Ron, Sir Reg and Lady Daphne Bradshaw hoodwinking MI6. Their holiday in Scotland has fatal results.
Ron becomes wealthy and buys a new Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III, to add to his collection of vehicles. Lady Daphne colludes with the girls to set a wedding date for Daisy and Avril.
A series of tragic accidents leave Ron reeling.
Mrs X, back from a funeral in Capetown, tries to convince Cartwright about the real identity of the MI6 mole. He is totally confused. Can he trust X?
More tragedy! Cartwright becomes a recluse in their new Menston mansion. Were it not for a chance meeting with an ex-USAAF chaplain, whilst on a visit to America, Ron may well have lapsed into depression or worse. He makes a miraculous recovery but before he can get his life straight, the long forgotten Agent S, assumed dead, makes one last appearance.
This, the fourth novel in the Cartwright Saga series, is set in the old West Riding of Yorkshire in the days of steam trains.
Cover painting by Brian Lambert, Guiseley, West Yorkshire.

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24 maggio
Robert Rycroft

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