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Ronald Cartwright, maligned ex-RAF erk, lands himself in a fateful new TV service job, which rapidly turns sour. Friends and family do all in their power to dissuade him, to no avail. The owner of Calderdale TV & Electrical Ltd, a one time Italian fascist, runs a very dodgy business. His service manager seems bent on ruining the company. Brassard, a jailed RAF policeman languishing in Colchester military prison, puts out the word to have ex-RAF Corporal Ron Cartwright bumped off. Little knowing that Brassard has been spying for the Russians, Ron finds himself entrapped in an MI6 scheme to avert a national defence emergency.
Ron narrowly escapes death, either at the hands of two malicious Calderdale employees, or the atrocious state of the company vehicle. Either way he ends up in hiding, taking on a false identity at the behest of MI6.
Sydney Barraclough, horse racing bookie extraordinare, shelters Ron, who becomes entangled in some of his extremely risky business ventures. Unbelievably most are spectacularly profitable.
Ron still pines for Avril Bradshaw, teenage daughter of Major Herbert Bradshaw of Riddley Hall near Bradford. The incorrigible Syd, worms his way into her affections, so it seems, with the gift of a Tiger Moth. Ron is fuming. His romantic illusions could be his undoing, if he won’t listen to common sense. The Bradshaws hope to steer him in the right direction, if he will listen. The Cartwright Saga resumes from where The Yorkshire Erk left off.

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5 marzo
Robert Rycroft

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