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Ron Cartwright’s proposal of marriage is accepted. Before he can buy a ring, he receives a leap year proposal from an unexpected quarter. The landlord of the Runswick Inn, Ron’s father, is suddenly taken critically ill.
Sydney Barraclough, Ron’s best friend, has appointed him estate manager of Carr Manor. Syd’s ambitions to become the biggest bookie in the north of England, perhaps all of Great Britain, is causing Ron nightmares. Where will it end?
MI6 contact Ron with some chilling news. One of their key agents has been brutally murdered, whilst working under cover in Colchester military prison. The vile ex-RAF Sergeant Brassard is transferred to a high security prison, almost within earshot of Carr Manor, where Ron is in temporary residence. MI6 coerce Ron into assisting them, much to his disgust and against his wishes. The mysterious MI6 agent, Mrs X, is obnoxious, to say the least.
Ron’s involvement with anything on wheels, two or four, is legendary. He is given an almost brand new Triumph Tiger 100, inherits a Ford Pilot saloon and once more, gets involved in the heady world of Rolls Royces, Bentleys and high finance. The death of two miners on their new Tiger 100s, brings a strange twist to the saga. He challenges Mrs X to a duel on Tiger 100s. He gets more than he bargained for.
Sir Reginald Bradshaw comes to the Cartwrights rescue, time and time again. His brother, Major Bradshaw and family wave a sad goodbye to Riddley Hall.
Carr Manor is the scene of much intrigue and sadness, but Avril Bradshaw finally flies her Tiger Moth from the old adjoining airfield, itself a matter of local controversy. Ron’s father, William Cartwright, spends his last days in the old aircraft hangar sometimes furtively drawing a chart. Why?

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11 maggio
Robert Rycroft

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