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We’ll start out with them going school. They’re in the ninth grade and were like other kids, normal. As they go up each grade, things start to change. Most of the time it’s normal but one day they’re going to school. The girl saw one of the girls hugging him, and she was smiling, when he walked over there. She asked him does he love her, and he said, “Actually, yes,” and that’s when everything was going on. They also put a band together and played in clubs. Every year one club put on the battle of bands, so they signed up for that and won the battle of the bands. They became famous all over the world. The same girl was making some of the girls scary to date that boy. They had a contract and recorded their songs in New York, then after three years they had the Mafia after them, where they stole fifty billion dollars and a rare diamond. They used their skill for those years, but the Mafia finally caught up with them. It looked like there was no more Fabulous 8, but they were still alive. They were getting makeover and were called different names and became double agents. They put bionics in them for them to save the world of bad guys but to find out their parents were aliens from another planet and they had superpowers, but that will be in the second book.

Fantascienza e fantasy
4 dicembre
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