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This excellent report has been professionally converted for accurate flowing-text e-book format reproduction. Current events provide almost daily twists in the nature of the Trans-Atlantic relationship. As a result, European militaries are an attractive subject for analysis of the multiple factors contributing to change in those militaries, and the Italian military is no exception. With the development of programs, such as the NATO Response Force (NRF) and a variety of burgeoning European Union (EU) military entities intended to spearhead European military modernization, NATO and the EU are the primary sources of external factors in Italian military modernization. Internal Italian factors, such as the recent elimination of conscription, also impact Italian military modernization. Analysis of internal factors concentrates on technological, systems, doctrinal, organizational, and resource management attributes. The literature indicates that internal factors, particularly organizational changes, military systems upgrades, and resource management, are the most significant determinants of Italian military modernization.

CHAPTER 1 - INTRODUCTION * CHAPTER 2 - LITERATURE REVIEW * Military Modernization * US Department of Defense * US Army Transformation * US Air Force "Transformation" * European Military Transformation Initiatives * Military Revolutions * A Model for Military Modernization Analysis * Post-World War II Italy * The Italian Military * Current Italian Military Modernization * Social and Political Factors Impacting the Italian Military * European Military Paradigms since World War II * North Atlantic Treaty Organization * NATO Transformation * NATO Reorganization * NATO Response Force * NATO as a Factor in Italian Military Modernization * The European Union * European Union Military Development * European Union Rapid Reaction Force * European Union Battle Groups * European Union Gendarmerie Force * European Capabilities Action Plan * European Union Factors in Italian Modernization * Conclusion * CHAPTER 3 - METHODOLOGY * Internal Factors in Military Modernization * Technological Change * Military Systems Evolution * Operational Innovation * Organizational Adaptation * Resource Management * External Factors in Military Modernization * NATO * EU * CHAPTER 4 - ANALYSIS OF ITALIAN DEFENSE MODERNIZATION * Internal Factors in Italian Modernization * Italian Technological Change * Change in Italian Military Systems * Italian Doctrinal Change * Organizational Change in the Italian Military * End of Conscription * Italian Army Operational Reorganization * Italian Military Resource Management * External Factors in Italian Modernization * NATO * EU * CHAPTER 5 - CONCLUSION * Transformation versus Modernization * Internal and External Factors * BIBLIOGRAPHY

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