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Sweet dreams, lustful thoughts. √

Strong, silent, and dirty-talking heroes. √

Confident women who know what they want. √

Recipe for FALLING FOR YOU reading satisfaction:

Mix 10 parts hot chemistry;

Combine various conflicting emotions;

Stir in obstacles until thoroughly dissolved;

And sprinkle liberally with sinful thoughts.

Shake well and long. 

Sip slowly as you read and savor each story until all ten are consumed.

Among the pages of these steamy-hot novels you'll find everything from second chances to chance encounters; enemy-to-lover "why'd I wait so long" hook-ups that end in a HEA, to let's pretend to date "to you know, just help each other out without those pesky feelings", while secretly wanting to tear off each other's clothes off and stay in bed all weekend romances. 

You will find what you're looking for in this read-past-your-bedtime ten novel set.

Whether it's soft and dreamy or fast and hard, the romances In FALLING FOR YOU, are all smoking-hot and guaranteed to satisfy your inner book-goddess' deepest desires.

The couples found between the pages are a bit complicated, a bit naughty, sometimes possessive, but are always eager to please their partner's needs--in and out of the bedroom. When you read these stories be prepared for book hangovers, to find your next book-boyfriend and discover your next favorite author.

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5 ottobre
Wildrose Publishing

Altri libri di Sharon Hamilton, Dakota Davies, Joanne Dannon, Lucy Smoke, A.J. Macey, Elle Boon, Debra Elise, L.A. Remenicky, Jane Charles, Samantha Jacobey & Gracen Miller