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Find Me

Rhymes for Curious Kids

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★★★★★ This book is a lot of fun for all ages. To find the hiden object takes some doing in some of the puzzles.
★★★★★ I liked this book because it moves. I think that this book will be a good book for little kids. It is a really fun book
★★★★★ Great it gave my eyes a work out I would recommend this book
★★★★★Great audio book
★★★★★Loved the animations and the concept. What a way to have fun with kids! Thanks for making this book. I enjoyed reading it.
★★★★★This book is fun even for adults.
★★★★★Pictures are real hard to find
★★★★★Great book with a lot of interactive content and funny animated pictures.
★★★★★Creative concept
★★★★★Awesome interactive book! My younger sibling really enjoyed this book!
★★★★★Both of you can enjoy this delightful book. I highly recommend.
★★★★★What a great book to read with my 4 year old daughter, that allowed her to play with mommy's iPad, while I kept hold of those precious bonding times with storybooks. The story was adorable and we enjoyed searching for each of the the point that it became quite competitive and led to a victorious preschooler. We are looking forward to reading again with my 8 year old son.
★★★★★This is a great book. My grandson had so much fun listening to the story and then trying to find the objects
★★★★★This book has the charm of the old fashioned children's book and the playfulness of a modern app. The visual layout and rhymes are delightful, and the activity a rewarding experience even for toddlers.
★★★★★This a a little gem, beautifully written and illustrated. If you have kids, download it and read it with them. You will not be disappointed.

Find Me is an interactive ebook for the young and the young at heart. 

Find Me consists of 20 vignettes. For each, there is a short poem on the left-hand side of the page that sets the scene and provides clues as to what animal is hidden among the intricate designs on the right-hand side of the page.

By listening to the poems (which can be read out loud or can be recited via the embedded audio recording), children can examine the corresponding illustration and discover the hidden animal described by the poem. Once detected, a tap of the finger is all that is required to animate the illustration, whether a friendly dolphin camouflauged by kitchen strainers or a hungry elephant nestled among brightly wrapped candies. 

Find Me’s interactive nature stimulates the listening and visual skills of children through catchy poems – read animatedly by a warm, welcoming voice – and colorful illustrations that come to life with the touch of a finger. 

How to read Find Me:

• Touch the edge of the page or swipe left to advance
• Double-tap the page to enlarge to full screen (horizontal)
• Tap the text of the poem to start reading; a second tap on the text interrupts the reading
• Find and tap the hidden animal to animate the page; some animations are sequential and/or can be repeated
• View the iBooks-Generated Table of Contents (containing control icons) by tapping outside the specific elements of the book; remove with a second tap 


Find Me has been created using PubCoder technology, a platform developed to produce interactive books in all formats and for all devices, including EPUB3 for iPad.

What the kids are saying about Find Me

Children who have read and played with Find Me have become absorbed by its powerful colors, illustrated plates, sound effects, and interactivity. We have already received many requests for more!

Please enjoy Find Me!

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