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Three years of torment.

Three years of hell.

Three years of living under a false name as a prisoner in a remote mining compound, and Lianetta Jansen, former captain of the Matilda, is about to see her luck turn.

The intergalactic war begun by Raylan Climlee has finally made its way to the vast deserts of Abalon3, and Lia is about to find herself on the run again. For her greatest enemy has found her at last.

Desperate to protect the mysterious boy, Wilt—who has a penchant for seeing the future—Lia must stay one step ahead of the deadly assassin Jasper Deentik if she has any hope of ever seeing her friends again.

Fire Hunt is the fifth installment in Chris Ward's popular space opera series, The Fire Planets Saga.

Fantascienza e fantasy
1 novembre
AMMFA Publishing

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