Forbidden: Naughty Boss

Descrizione dell’editore

"Doing the right thing and doing my duty scares me. Because then I could never feel him touching me......."

"She has changed my world. She makes me feel alive. I'd throw it all away for her. Which is why I have to get away. By myself where her vivacious beauty won't be able to tempt me any longer."

"When I see him, everything else in my world doesn't matter. He makes me feel like a woman with a future and not a boring teenage, girl. I ache for his touch. I throb all over dreaming of having him inside me."

Longing hearts fight their passionate feelings. Bryan is a European Billionaire with the perfect life. But to Star, he's a naughty boss fighting his desire for hot sex with his beautiful American nanny.

She's a pampered college girl on work study in beautiful Spain. Anxious to return home to California and marry her hot fiance, her feelings become torn. Despite her will to remain faithful, Star falls into uncontrollable forbidden lust with a married Billionaire.

She's a young woman with the perfect life. Set to marry her hunky quarterback fiancé, until a rapid fire of life-changing events draws her into the world of a mysterious, untamed Spanish Billionaire and his beautiful wife. It all leads to secret forbidden hot hook-ups between two wild and passionate lovers.

It's Erotic Romance That Will Leave You Gasping for More. "Forbidden" is an engrossing page-turner, set amid the pristine beauty of the Spanish countryside. It brings to life a young and confused woman's deep longings for a powerful, mature, wealthy man. It also explores the question of whether our hearts should rule us when so many people will be hurt? And whether the perfect safe life is worth risking on lust?

"Forbidden: Naughty Boss" is a hot billionaire romance with explicit sex. It is a stand alone, Full-Length erotica Novel with no Cliffhanger. Released with updated scenes. One of the best romance novels of 2017.

Narrativa e letteratura
12 giugno
Rebecca Lee

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