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Frig Me: Sexy Lesbian Stories is a sizzling bundle of 5 sexy lesbian stories of erotic girl-on-girl love, steamy f/f encounters, first-time experiences, dominant and submissive lesbian experiences, and of new barriers broken, and new peaks crested.

Contained in this novel-length collection of sexy lesbian stories that is guaranteed to have you fanning yourself are the books:
The Coach
Natasha is in college and struggling with her identity. She knows that she’s attracted to women… but she doesn’t know what to do about it. So when her sexy softball coach offers to help her explore some of these impulses she’s feeling, Natasha can hardly resist…
What Are Friends For?
What are friends for? To be there for each other. When Jo split up with her fiancé, I knew I’d be there for her. It’s just what friends do. But what I never expected was for her soft lips to meet mine, and for our screams of pleasure to last all night… I mean, I’m not even a lesbian!
The House Party
I didn’t know what to expect from my Mistress when she ordered me to her house in nothing but a single black raincoat and shoes. I certainly didn’t expect to be the object of attention for four, beautiful, drop-dead sexy women… all night long.
Tied Up
I never thought that my partner from work and I could possibly have a relationship like this… we had always been friends, but nothing more.
So when I have her tied up, vibe in my hand while she begs for the sweet ecstasy of release…
…and I deny it to her…
Well, let’s just say this was an unexpected turn in our relationship.
Love and Submission
After divorcing my cheating husband, I never thought I’d find love again. I certainly never thought it would come in the form of Kylie, a beautiful blonde cheerleader who would… submit to me.

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