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Exceptional highlights from the premier year of New York artist Barbara Rachko's blog, barbararachkoscoloreddust.com: part autobiography, including how Barbara overcame losing her husband on 9/11, plus remarkable insights into sustaining a creative practice and living an extraordinary life. Richly illustrated with Barbara's accomplished art and photographs. With a foreword by Ann Landi, contributing editor for ARTnews and frequent art and culture writer for The Wall Street Journal.

Barbara discusses:

learning to fly at the age of 25,

how the Navy accidentally turned her into a visual artist,

why she fell in love with pastel,

how Mexican folk art became the subject of her work,

what it takes to be an artist now, especially one living in New York City,

and many other intimate reflections.

Readers, especially artists and art lovers of every kind, will enjoy this rare glimpse into the life and work of a fantastically gifted and resourceful woman. Barbara Rachko is an American original, someone worth knowing because her life experiences have given her tremendous wisdom to share. Her first book, From Pilot to Painter, is not to be missed.

Barbara Rachko is an American contemporary artist and author who divides her time

between residences in New York City and Alexandria, VA. She is best known for her

pastel-on-sandpaper paintings, her eBook, “From Pilot to Painter,” and her blog,

“Barbara Rachko’s Colored Dust.”


Barbara has led an extraordinary, inspiring life. She learned to fly at the age of 25 and

became a commercial pilot and Boeing-727 flight engineer before joining the Navy.

As a Naval officer she spent many years working at the Pentagon and retired as a



On 9/11 her husband, Dr. Bryan C. Jack, was tragically killed on the plane that hit the



Barbara uses her large collection of Mexican and Guatemalan folk art – masks,

carved wooden animals, papier mâché figures, and toys – to create one-of-a-kind

pastel-on-sandpaper paintings that combine reality and fantasy and depict personal

narratives. Her paintings are bold, vibrant, and extremely unusual.


New York critic Peter Dellolio remarks, “It is undeniable that, like de Chirico, Barbara Rachko has created a unique, original, and very private landscape.”


Arts writer Ann Landi writes, “Barbara Rachko’s antecedents are not in the folk art traditions of the cultures she studies and embraces, but rather in the sophisticated strategies of Henry Matisse (who

was a master at mixing patterns) and Edgar Degas (who exploited the power of oblique

angles and cropped figures).”


Barbara exhibits nationally and internationally and has won many awards during her

30+ years as a professional artist.

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