Full Circle

A Witness to Healing Through Science and Faith and Just Plain Living

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A story of spiritual healing and of the restoration of physical and mental health, Full Circle narrates the story of author Judith C. Radaschs life, chronicling her fascinating and eventful journey.

Beginning with her birth in 1943, Radasch shares the details of her lifethe good, the bad, and the ugly. She tells how she healed miraculously from the trauma of childhood rape and provides tantalizing glimpses of Harvard Business School, the 80s Wall Street market rally, temporary insanity, and true love.

Full Circle tells a personal story about the power of science and faith working in concert to bring about miraculous healing as those two threads became fully integrated late in Radaschs life. Praise for Full Circle A compelling account of the strength and determination that led a nine-year-old victim of rape through decades of single motherhood to educational and career achievements beyond ones imagination to peace and happiness in retirement.

Dan Stickler, Judys Companion and Husband in Retirement and the Beneficiary of Her Healing

Judy shares her compelling story of personal growth and healing with a rare openness. Persistence, risk taking, mental acuity, and a steadily positive spirit lead her through profound fears to genuine fulfillment.

Joy Waldman Pendergast, Artist, Businesswoman, Friend

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