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Geo Spirit is about everything that one strives for the harmony and well-being of one’s inner space and the outer space on this Earth.

Geo Spirit is the consciousness on earth. “Geo Spirit” consists of two realms - “Geo” is the Earth, including biotic and abiotic worlds and “Spirit” is the consciousness of peace, freedom and harmony for oneself and everything else on this earth. Geo Spirit is the ever pervading consciousness on the earth at all levels, including the sub-atomic level.

The human beings are the single species disharmonizing the earth. Geo Spirit is for understanding and getting connected to the earth. Geo Spirit ultimately aims at the oneness of the earth integrating and harmonizing the diversities. Consistent earth leadership is needed, to understand and participate in these processes for positive change. One should be sensitive and should be the means and cause of earth resources sustainability.

Spirit manifests in oneness and freedom. Earth is a single living thing; in which we are also a part. Geo Spirit helps to understand why the earth has provided us everything to celebrate another day. One should also strive and question, why I am born on this earth? If I am living, what is the difference I can make? If there is no positive change that one is causing, then there is not much meaning to one’s life. That is the spirit of living.

Through Geo Spirit, one’s awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, understanding, actions, and spirit become relevant to the harmony and well-being on earth and the infinite space. Through the "Geo Spirit," one could realize the possibility of becoming an "Earth Leader.". Each individual is an earth leader, when one is able to unleash their potential to bring the positive change on this earth. Ultimately, whatever one does, it is important to get connected to the earth.

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9 giugno
Sai Bhaskar Reddy Nakka

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