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This volume is made up of papers presented at a colloquium of the Geology Devision of Section III of the Royal Society of Canada at the annual meeting in Quebec, June 1963. The papers fall into two groups: in one group the validity and shortcomings of the methods of establishing the geographical time-table are discussed; and, in the other, applications of the methods to areas across Canada, and from Precambrian to recent, are described.
The geological time-table has been built up from the record of the rocks and is based on the law of superposition, a fact that is pointed out in the first paper of this volume. The chronological value of fossils, palaeomagnetism as a means of dating geological events, the limitations of radiometric dating, and other pertinent matters are here dealth with by a group of well-known authorities. These scientific disquisitions will be of great importance to geologists everywhere.
This work should be of special interest to those engaged in research on the history of the earth, particularly in relation to the nature, the causes, and the time of an event. It will also serve as a valuable reference to practising geologists in government or industry, to university departments of geology, and to geological consultants.
Royal Society of Canada, "Special Publications" Series, no. 8.

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