God's Will in My Life

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God's plans were formulated and prepared before your birth or even before time began.He already has an agenda for your career, ministry, finances and everything in your lifespan and his plans should always take precedence over your own.

Therefore human, every difficulties or easy ways you passes through in your life are the assessments towards your faith as a cornerstone into your religious and spiritual life to God,so we have to decide either to spend our time discovering and aligning ourselves with the purposes of God or doing what we want while asking God to bless it.

Hellen,a woman with disability and Pastor James her husband, had travelled a very difficult road,and some stages of their live's journey at the early ages did not show a particularly good light of achieving their ambitions. 

Hellen historical background came from poor family, she was suffering a disease when she was five- years old that led her to spend a year on bed  an illness that ended her became physical impaired to her entire life.

Despite living with disability and sadnesses thoughts, she disliked the behavior of using  her disability as the way of getting income, instead still had optimism that  was God's  plans in her life, putting much efforts on education while depending his blessings,will make her to see the green light of bright future because within her three parts of brain there had an idea of changing the world of unable to enable and trusting that the Almighty God love, powerful that working on people,everyone had something unique (talent) which are differ from one person to another if used effectively will bear positive achievements the idea that made her became hero within the community due to her efforts despite suffering, humiliation passed on during her journey of life, she later had a business firm and e-commerce website that provided direct and indirect jobs.

For the side of Pastor James who later became Bishop James,came from family with cruelty parents..all the way of his life passed had time of humiliation and suffering,but still believed all of those are devil's practicing on testing people's faith, during his ministry as pastor and later bishop with his wife Helen he suffered a disease which made him not to walk on himself,but still stuck on the ministry and believing the Jesus Christ sacrifice as gave him love.

It was one Sunday in the middle of mass service, his condition changed immediately,he decided to confess secretly.

"Jesus's sacrifice was giving me the love that I always needed but didn't understand. Thank you for giving me wife of my choice, despite of hard time we passed, lastly you gave us light of life"

" The Eucharist, the highlight of my priesthood was the one event I knew where I belonged. He was showing me he was at my birth when I wanted love, yet I wanted to die Jesus was showing me a way out- a way of born again. Jesus was healing me at the mass- my body and his body being consecrated at the mass- held together. My childhood being lifted up just as bread is lifted up. My blood, his blood- my life with my family at last being brought into line of Jesus. Thanks to be God! Thanks to be God!" Said

"People with disabilities face serious obstacles to participating in daily life activities that most people take for granted,such as going to work or school, gathering with friends or relatives, attending cultural events, shopping for groceries,or visiting the doctor,also inaccessible buildings, public transportation impede independent navigation and people with disabilities confront stigma and discrimination almost everywhere in daily lives...

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28 ottobre

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