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There never has been, or ever will be anything but the complete perfect harmony of wills between The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, the God of the Bible, one God made up of three persons. No issue of wills here, but when it comes to man, we have a problem. Human history is a record of that problem, men's wills not in alignment with God's. Make no mistake, everything in this world centers around one of two alternatives, either God's will be done or man's will be done. Sadly, the misfortune of world history, every offense, deviation, and anxiety is evidence that God's will is not being done. Another will or a multiplicity of wills is active and working in the world we live. I had heard during my many years of church attendance and studying the Bible that the "template for the entire Bible is in Genesis 1-3."

The thought was that if we do not get it right here, we will get it wrong everywhere else in the Bible and I agree. I'm still left with a problem, however. No one seems to be discussing the template and what it is specifically that we will get wrong if we choose to walk away from it. Our getting it right may be slow, but it will be seen in this light. The whole of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation is simply this: whose will is being done? Every high and every low in scripture, every right and every wrong comes down to this decisive point. Is God the Creator's will being done or is another will at work in opposition? Is the will of the Creator realized on Earth or are there many created wills contesting for supremacy? This book gives a very real portrayal of typical dysfunctional Christian lives, disguised and accepted in Christian churches as functional with the reasons for this and what can change it.

Religione e spiritualità
13 maggio
Xulon Press

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