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All relationships are natural; what sometimes is not easy to manage is the feeling of stagnation, drowsiness, or lethargy that we experience when our living together becomes obvious, routine, and ordinary. Overcoming all this is relatively simple when it’s possible, and just a push, an incitement, or a suggestion is enough to restart the romance and the joy of a renewed adventure. Dr. Andrea Scarsi, also known as Swami Prem Sandesh, meaning Message of Love, is a metaphysical coach who answers to the profound questions about relationships asked by his clients and friends. He does it with love, understanding, and care because love is perfect the way it is and at the same time, there are always infinite ways to improve it, make it even more perfect, and spice it up at will with all the colors of the rainbow. It’s all in our hands, he says, and easy to bring to completion. Love is an endless ladder where every rank contributes a whole dimension of events, feelings, and understanding that enrich the lives and destinies of both partners, individually and in concert and seal the cosmic union of the polarities. This book intends to give the reader a boost with many suggestions and tips they can now apply in their relationship to make it thrive and overflow with joy, blessings, and bliss. That is the deep meaning of being together in love and romance. Each love affair is meant to ignite the fire of transformation, evolution, and fulfillment of the individual consciousness into something bigger, dynamic, complete, and sacred, beyond the personal ego. Through the other, we realize ourselves and our desire and spread positive and harmonic vibrations to the farthest shore of the universe. Small gestures, a bit of attention, a lovely attitude, and a cheerful heart are enough to begin with and set in motion an incredible chain of events that completely change the world because they change our perception and chemistry thus changing the way we experience life, which is now beautiful, filled with love and finally worth living.
For more than thirty years, the author has been professionally involved in energy balance, subtle bodies, meditation, and metaphysics in general. During his sessions, seminars, conferences, and coaching, he was often asked about marriage and relationships in general. The following are some of his answers transcribed by those who helped him organize events.

31 luglio
Andrea Scarsi

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