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We understand that you have been dreaming of such a tool for "hacking;" however, the fact that this tool became available also means that now anyone can hack your soul (psyche) as well. Your soul is now public domain; or, to be more precise, it is a public place, which now anyone can enter without invitation and without your permission.

You think that this is impossible and that it is nothing more than another horoscope? Well, well. It is characteristic of a human to draw conclusions according to the principle of an analogy, when the conclusion about an object gets built on the basis of its similarity to another object. In itself, this method of learning about the world is not bad, but in some situations, such as this one, it does not work. The reason is that in this civilization there is nothing equivalent, of equal value or similar to the ancient source of knowledge, which turned out to be the Catalog of human population. Due to this, probably, it is pointless to try to compare the Catalog to something familiar.

Another question is that fans of horoscopes could draw a different parallel and, for example, compare the Catalog of human population to encyclopedias about animals or plants, the periodic table, which describes the chemical elements, or an anatomical atlas. However, such comparisons usually do not come to minds of average people, as they are not familiar with the periodic table and anatomical atlases, do not study encyclopedias of plants and animals, and are familiar only with horoscopes, numerological descriptions of individuals, and psychological descriptions from popular glossy magazines.

This is the difference between average people and those, who are involved in scientific research. Scientific research work requires a higher level of education and general knowledge about the world, on open mind, and completely other interests. People involved in scientific research usually do not study horoscopes.
We think that all this is not our problem. We adhere to the position that any person has the right to try to fence himself off from the fact that the Catalog of human population exists and tell himself that descriptions from this Catalog are similar to another horoscope. Any person has the right to try to fence himself off from the fact that he is a bio-robot and tell himself that Shan Hai Jing is a fantasy of the ancients. Any person has the right to consider us, developers of the Catalog of human population, the next oddballs, who are telling about that what they thought-up due to their desire to appear original. We do not object to this. However, there is one "but"—these people are the ones, who will suffer from such actions. And, we will explain in this book why this is so in great detail and with examples.

However, most importantly, this book presents 100 short demos of natural human programs, which show who people are real, without masks, social roles and idiotic self-presentations. Whether you should believe this or not—is not a question to us. We do not use the tool called "faith" because we prefer knowledge. If some of our readers have the same position in life, then in this book we provide them with a chance not to trust, but to test and to draw a conclusion about whether the Catalog of human population exists or not for themselves. We have nothing to offer to apologists of faith; like in the saying, we think that "Seppuku is a private matter of each samurai."

Salute, mente e corpo
21 agosto
HPA Press

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