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Wouldn't you love to go on an adventure and find that it was more than what you expected? That’s what happened to Jane V. Blanchard when she walked the Hadrian’s Wall Path, and what she wants to share with you in the this book. Join her as she walks eighty-four miles across northern England, explore the sites and legends associated with this historical wall, and see if you too can journey back with her to the time of the Romans, the Brigantes (powerful Celtic British tribes) and the Picts (ferocious Celtic Scottish tribes).

Whether you enjoy trekking or armchair-adventures, Hadrian's Wall Path: Walking into History is an exciting journey. This book from the "Woman on Her Way" series takes you along the ancient Roman frontier between England and Scotland. Explore this World Heritage Site with more than 130 full-color photos and illustrations that display the majesty of ancient Roman engineering and the beauty of the Cumbrian and Northumberlain landscapes. Learn what Roman life was like more than 2000 years ago. Enjoy walking along this imposing monument with Jane V. Blanchard as she describes in a heartfelt way, the terrain, the culture, the challenges, and her personal growth and changes.

* Discover Hadrian’s Wall, what it encompasses, then and now.
* Learn about Roman life and what it was like living on Rome’s most northern frontier.
* Visualize the beauty of northern England through Jane’s vivid descriptions, photographs, and illustrations.
* Find out about the current English culture and lore.
* Understand why so many people visit sites along the Hadrian’s Wall Path.

"Hadrian's Wall Path: Walking into History" is a finalist for the prestigious 2015 President's Award from the Florida Authors & Publisher's Association.

"Hadrian’s Wall Path: Walking into History is a riveting, well-written chronicle of a hiking adventure across the English countryside. More importantly, it is what Jane Blanchard herself learns, that 'History becomes interesting, and it is coming alive.' Fortunately, she does this for the reader as well. I found the details to be illuminating and thought-provoking, yet simple and to the point. Some highlights of the adventure: Once Brewed, Twice Brewed; Nine Nicks of Thirlwall, King Arthur, “Bogle”, mizzle and all. Highly recommended!.” ~ Maryann Burchell, South Bay Publishing LLC

This is the second book in the "Woman on Her Way" series. These books describe Jane V. Blanchard's adventures on ancient European routes or primitive wilderness trails. Travel with her as she explores new horizons and venture with her into this world's premier historic, scenic, or cultural itineraries.

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19 marzo
Jane V. Blanchard

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