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When a situation arises that brings something unexpected in your life it will be hard to resist …

Joanna Watson has enough going on returning to work. Yet when she meets a man, who she decided to have a friendly drink with along with her partner and his, she doesn't expect to want more. But when she sees him again unexpectedly, she knows that friendly isn't what she wants from him. Accepting his offer as a date with both their partners as buffers seems a safe way to do things. Otherwise she'd be too tempted for more with him. However, fate has a way of throwing temptation into your path. She's going to have to work with the arson investigator on a case. 

Declan Holmes knows that Joanna accepting his invitation is a step in the right direction. But the detective was stubborn and he would need to figure out how to convince her one date should be so much more. When a case brings them together to work as a team with each other and their partners he wonders if fate is on his side. Now they were working on a case for a fire that resulted in a death. As tensions rise to figure out who was the arsonist, they had to also handle what was happening between them.

When a chance meeting leads to more, they will need to embrace what is happening is hard to resist…

This is a rerelease. Previously published as Ignite. There has been changes and minor additions to the story.

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7 settembre
Taige Crenshaw

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