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Learn and practice music theory and improvisation

What is this book for?

I have written this free ebook to introduce you to my teaching method of music theory and improvisation, and for you to try out its effectiveness.

What Will you find?

I have selected the most representative lessons of the four books that I have published in Amazon for you to try and practice each concept.

• • MODERN HARMONY STEP BY STEP: Chords, scales, improvisation, and composition in modern music: Jazz, Blues, Rock, Funk, Pop and more.

MODERN HARMONY, EXERCISES I: Basic Concepts, Major and Minor Key.

MODERN HARMONY, EXERCISES II: Scales, Modes, Melodic analysis and Reharmonization.

HOW TO IMPROVISE IN MODERN MUSIC: Tools and exercises for music and jazz improvisation (mp3 tracks).

In each chapter you will find: theory, exercises with their solutions and tools for improvisation with examples accompanied by mp3 files.

Why is this important?

At first, the word harmony usually provokes some degree of panic. In my years of teaching,

I have found a bit of resistance in my students when approaching this matter, generally with the erroneous idea that it is something very complex and boring, and not necessary for learning how to play.

Basically, if you can count up to 12 you may learn harmony and benefit greatly from the knowledge this will bring you.

I see these four books as a continuous path that begins with the theory and finishes with its application playing the instrument of your choice.

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