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Harmony: Compelling New Book by Cherished Pastor, Dr. Antwon Martin, Empowers Christians to Tune into the ‘Key of Heaven’ and Thrive in their Faith

Following the runaway success of his highly-esteemed volume, ‘Accomplishing Prodigious Goals’, Dr. Antwon Martin returns with the release of ‘Harmony: Striking the Chords of Heaven’. Written for churches, individual Christians and even those who claim to be of no faith, this latest book hands readers the instruments they need to understand the principles of interaction with Heaven, and pray with a newfound harmony that will afford bold blessings, protection and favor from God. It’s a powerful read, with one critic recently hailing the volume both “life-changing” and “purposeful”.

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Los Angeles, CA – As a pastor, author, speaker and professor who has inspired a generation from coast to coast, California’s Dr. Antwon Martin has met thousands of people at every stage of their faith journey. It’s left him acutely aware that, while prayer changes everything, most people do not know how to pray for maximum blessing.

It’s driven a passion for teaching that already saw national success with the release of ‘Accomplishing Prodigious Goals’; a success that set the stage for Dr. Martin’s life-changing new book - ‘Harmony: Striking the Chords of Heaven’.
Using the power of music and instruments as metaphors for tuning into Heaven and truly understanding the power of prayer, Dr. Martin’s latest creation is poised to uplifting millions and bring them closer to their God.


‘Harmony’ offers an inspirational prayer guide that speaks to the author’s passion for understanding the instruments that reach Heaven. Dr. Martin identifies physical notes in this realm and how they translate into spiritual principles such as: divine order, prosperity, repentance, expectation, and many others. He shows the remedies that put us in the key of Heaven.

Dr. Martin writes from his experiences of being a devoted man of prayer that has witnessed the supernatural. Through Harmony Dr. Martin combines his ministry experience in breakthrough prayers and Heavenly principles. It is clear that he shifts his audience from a dependency on the world’s system to a complete reliance in God’s Kingdom.

“The bottom line is that most people do not know how to pray, which ultimately prevents them from reaching the true promises of God,” explains Martin, who is regularly featured in the national media. “There are very specific ways to harmonize with Heaven; a harmony with chords that translates into prayers and a blueprint of social and spiritual principles that will change anyone’s life. See this book as a song sheet that will guide you through the entire process.”

Continuing, “The audience for the book is far and wide. For example, it’s a book every church should give their members so they can become stronger in their roles and responsibilities, which will ultimately take the pressure off each church’s leaders. At the same time, it is simple and “grassroots” enough for non-Christians to understand and, hopefully, use as empowerment to finally accept God into their lives.”
Advance reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, one reader comments, “This is a life changing purposeful edition that will bring clarity to readers while praying in the Spirit.”

Another adds, “Thank you for sharing this experience with me. I was so honored to read it and was ‘overwhelmed’ with a feeling of encouragement and gratitude from God while reading the final prayers.”

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11 novembre
Antwon Martin