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A smoldering standalone romance about a hard-ass billionaire and the enemy he won’t trust—but can’t resist…

Minerva: I’m utterly lost. I’ve been so deep undercover for so long that when I escape with evidence of my boss’s crimes, there’s no one to turn to.

Except for him: Elliot Martell. My worst enemy and the last person who’d hide me. Which makes him the perfect cover, and when he sees what I’ve got on my boss, he’ll have to help me.

But it turns out Elliot is so tightly wound he doesn’t know who he is either. And if my employer doesn’t disappear me first, we might find ourselves together.

Elliot: I’d do anything to protect my brothers—both my blood brother and the ones I’ve made at Bastard Capital. If that makes me a hard ass, so be it.

When Minerva shows up on my doorstep, claiming to hold the key to bringing down our nemesis, my first instinct is to throw her out. My second is to drag her to my bed. Instead, I clamp down on all of it, because if she’s telling the truth, I need her. And it’s not like I’m going to sleep with the enemy.

But as she reveals more about her mission, trusting me to keep her secrets safe, I realize she’s not my enemy. In fact, she might become my everything…

Enter the world of Bastard Capital: Unrivaled men. Unimaginable wealth. Unlimited power. 

Books in the Bastard Capital Series

Secret Acquisitions (Book One, Mark’s story)

Unfinished Seductions (Book Two, Logan’s story)

Competitive Instincts (Book Three, Finn’s story)

Intimate Mergers (Book Four, Paul’s story)

Hostile Attractions (Book Five, Elliot’s story)

Private Disclosures (Book Six, Dev’s story) 

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