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Meg is a workout warrior and also got neck-deep into martial arts. As a well-rounded, skilled athlete Meg knew that she was becoming quite strong and extremely capable. She ended up wrestling with her eighteen-year-old son after she realized that he held some common but misguided chauvinist beliefs. Meg is short, her husband is short and so is their son. Although she was worried about Curt's pride and unsure of the outcome, Meg pushed the issue and wrestled with her son. Even though Curt was on the wrestling team at his small Catholic High School his skill level and even his strength couldn't match Meg's. While this might seem like an "upset win" it really wasn't. But for a man who had some incorrect notions it was a real eye-opening experience. Curt would eventually meet two of Meg's workout partners, Rae and Alyssa. Both women are strong and skilled martial artists. They are also both a good fifty-to-seventy pounds heavier than Curt. With Rae wasn't a match for Curt, Alyssa was/is. You'll love seeing the pics and reading the profiles. These women are amazing and Curt is nice enough to share many of his thoughts.

Kendra is a curvy, strong woman who married her high school sweetheart. As she began going to college and moving forward in all aspects of her life, her husband became resentful. As their marriage began unraveling, Daryl learned that his wife was not just very smart, she was and is also stronger than him. Daryl made a foolish mistake and tried to hit Kendra. Ultimately Kendra would make her husband deeply regret his actions by kicking his ass. She also outlifting her smaller husband which helped make Daryl realize that he needed to see life and marriage through a whole new lens. If you like strong, curvy, big-hipped women then this is the lady for you.

We re-visit Kelly and get some very, very cool updates. This lady has become a readers' favorite. You may not notice what a powerhouse Kelly is until you see her thighs, arms and rear-end. She loves toying with her taller but lighter husband, Bryce but she also has a few other 'test dummies'. If you like a housewife that understands the power of physical punishment and verbal domination then this powerhouse is your kind of lady!

Clare is a single woman that has legs, arms and a chest to die for. While she can overpower some men, Clare is also well-versed in the artform of ballbusting. She isn't the biggest lady so this behavior modification habit is necessary at times and just plain enjoyable at other times. You'll love these pictures of Clare and you'll be thrilled to read about how she gets the men in her life to cooperate and to submit to her.

If you like strong, beautiful, dominant women then please check out all of my books. While men are, on average, stronger than women, this is true less and less with each passing day. Women are understanding the potential power that they have and are putting in the necessary work to gain physical superiority to match their superiority in other areas. Check out all of my books and enter the world of strong, beautiful, dominant ladies!

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