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This is the story of the Dawn of Surfing in Ireland and up to when its organizers finally achieved the running of the European Surfing Championships in Lahich 1972. Much of this would not have happened but for the efforts of one person and several courageous friends.

This nostalgic story comprises of 180 pages and 22 photos relating to the sport when it was hammered into reality by one ambitious youth attempting to live the dream. He knew lots about the Hawaiian Islands, sunny California and thus yearned to make his Ireland in their image. This meant expanding the sport and putting Ireland on the map of surfing nations – and that is just about what happened!

As he went, the young man gathered adventurers of both genders, who also shared the dream. Together, they mounted an exhibit at the Irish Boat Show in 1966, and from there the sport expanded to international acclaim. The story tells of his epic trip to the Hawaiian Islands and his competing in the world Surfing Championships in San Diego and about Irish Surfers on the beaches of Biarritz and Jersey C.I. The many clubs that evolved from these first efforts brought about the need for an all Irish body to promote and control the sport. Therefore the Irish Surfing Association was formed providing immense benefit to all Ireland Surfing teams competing in contests overseas.

The story tells of the people who responded to the call, and just how proficient these surfers became. Also, the book tells many comical yarns from the lands folk the Surfers encountered as they went, and finishes with the Silver Surfari. This was the occasion in 2006, when all the remaining pioneers, came together to celebrate forty years of the sport. They returned from Africa, California, Australia, England and around Ireland, to put on a grand display of surfing on the beaches at both Lahinch and Rossnowlagh known as the home of Inter county Surfing.

The book has been written just in time, and before the passage of time becomes stretched beyond the horizons of memory. It is good to know who these icons as they were the ones who gave the youth of Ireland an appetite for the sea, to become fit beyond belief, and to surf waves of all sorts no matter ‘How Green’ they might be!

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