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Roger Crawford is one of America’s most highly regarded speakers and a shining example of the power of resilience to hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Physically challenged from birth, he has learned from experience that resilience--our ability to thrive under stress and bounce back from hardship--is a skill that we can all develop and maintain. Now, with his unique blend of humor, savvy, and hard-won wisdom, he shows you how you can make resilience the springboard to your own success.Where are you coming from? How long have you been there? Where are you going? Starting with these fundamental questions, How High Can You Bounce? invites you to take stock, to examine your attitudes, the way you see yourself, and your motivations. Then, from this new wellspring of awareness, you can begin to build your resilience--and reap the benefits of living a healthier, happier, more productive life.

Let Roger Crawford help you discover:

The Best Defense Against Hard Times The Keys to Success You Already Possess The Greatest Confidence Builders What’s Better than Money in the Bank The Friends You Can’t Afford to be Without How to Write Your Own Life Script When Challenge is Sweet The Secret of Becoming an Effective Leader 

Elevating and inspiring, How High Can You Bounce? introduces you to dozens of unforgettable men and women who illustrate these principles in every walk of life. Their amazing stories of courage and resourcefulness make this a book to treasure in good times and bad.

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