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This book is not a rigid, detailed golf primer. I am not a golf guru. I am a every day golfer with exceptional clubhead speed.In this book, I take you through my golf journey on the way to rapid clubhead speed improvement at the age of 58.

Most golfer's clubhead speed declines with age. This does NOT have to be the case!
I will show you the method I used to improve my driver clubhead speed from 100 to121 mph in eight weeks. I eventually peaked at 130 mph at the age of 60.

Along the way on our journey we will shatter some myths about golf and long drive.

You do NOT need to be 6-3, 240 pounds to be World Long Drive Champion. Nor do you need to be Super Flexible , such as Jamie Sadlowski ( World Champion 2008, 2009).

You don't need to be in the physical condition of a certified personal trainer. You do NOT need to pore over a book with hordes of golf tips.


How do I know?

Because I am neither. Nor did I read book upon book to improve my clubhead speed. If you want detailed instruction about the golf swing, swing plane etc. This book is NOT for you!

If you want a straightforward, sound method to improve your clubhead speed-- you got the right guy !

What I am : A stubborn, determined old man. If you are stubborn and determined, you will dramatically improve your club head speed after reading this book.

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30 dicembre
Namref H. Tims

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