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If you're on the mailing list of some catalog companies (Heartland is one of them), you may notice that in some of their monthly mailings there is a golf gadget on almost every other page.

You can get a new and improved driver that guarantee at least 30 to 50 additional yards every time you tee off; you can also get new and improved golf balls that are 'banned from tournaments' because they will eliminate 75% of your unintended slice; there's even a new and improved putter that will help guide your ball to the hole... and each one of these devices claims that by using it, your game will improve by at least 10 percent.

This means that if you buy and use at least 10 of these sure-fire gadgets from their catalog you can be a scratch golfer.

Okay, for purposes of conversation, let's say that all of their claims are true. You now are ready for the tournaments... but if you don't know the Rules, you'll still be a loser - and this book tells you why.

If you haven't heard these horror stories before, you'll be educated and entertained when you see the stupid mistakes that the best of the professionals on the tour make.

Bottom line:
Forget about the gimmicky catalog items that promise to improve your game: if you follow the examples in this book and avoid many of the stupid mistakes that even the pros on the circuit make, your game will definitely improve.

But if you want to continue with your consistent losing streak, then this book will show you the rule-breaking ways that famous professionals have perfected.

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21 aprile
Magic Lamp Press

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