How To Dunk A Basketball In 4 Week: 13 Proven Exercise Techniques

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Dunking a basketball is a skill some players take for granted. If you are 6-foot-6 and can jump through the roof of the gym, you probably aren’t going to benefit much from this article.

On the other hand, if you are under 6-foot and have always wanted to throw one down, there is no reason you can’t work toward this goal. Maybe you can grab the rim on a good day, or maybe you’re really close but not quite there. There are things you can do to improve your ability to dunk, and your hard work will definitely have rewards. In this Guide book, you'll learn the meticulous science behind increasing your vertical leap. Through his proven step-by-step plan, you'll find out the exact techniques necessary to dunk your first basketball in just four weeks. Without weightlifting or special equipment, you'll soon be able to jam in front of your friends with either one hand or two.

In How to Dunk, you’ll discover:

The best exercise techniques for increasing your vertical jump in just four weeks

The best basketball shoes to make you jump higher

How shorter people can go from barely touching the rim to dunking with one or two hands

How to jump higher without lifting weights

The precision mechanics of the perfect jump and dunk and much, much more!

The Ultimate Guide to vertical jump in 4 weeks is an established expert’s guide to increasing your vertical jumps and making slam-dunks a reality. If you like a step-by-step program, scientifically-backed exercises, and making rapid progress, then you’ll love this book.

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