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There were 2 people in my life that I was ready to die for.

One was my dad. When he was sick, I told myself that if he needed a heart transplant, Id kill myself for him to have my heart,so he could continue on living.

The other person was my baby brother. Even though I had a sister a year younger than me, when my brother was born 4 years after me, I became really close to him. Close to him to the point that I wouldve given my life away so he could continue on living.

Here is what I have learnt: with all the love I have for my dad, he passed away when his time came.

With all the love I have for my baby brother, he decided to follow the recommendation of a church to no longer interact with me.

SO the lesson is:
I can and will never be able to save someone.
My life is sacred and is to be lived by me fully. Eternally.
I am the master of my own destiny, no one else is. In the same way, I am not the master of anyone elses destiny.
Being aware of this, I am choosing to step away and let everyone be the MASTER of their own DESTINY.

Salute, mente e corpo
31 ottobre
Balboa Press