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Until December 15, 2007, Khundrakpam Pradipkumar Singh was nobody. The very next day he was known across his state as 'Mr Manipur'. Pradip's incredible story of how an HIV-positive person mended his failing health, overcame psychological trauma, fought stigma and discrimination to become an international bodybuilding champion is told in the pages of this book.

Like legendary basketball player Magic Johnson, Pradip too disclosed his HIV status through the media, not giving a damn about society's shocked reaction. However, there is something unique in Pradip's story. While Johnson called it quits after being diagnosed with HIV, Pradip remained undaunted in the face of all odds. He was determined to excel in his chosen field despite warnings from doctors and adverse comments from society. And he went on to win several medals and titles, defeating the virus in his body.

Pradip's extraordinary courage and sheer determination caught everyone by surprise. He became a role model for people living with HIV in India and other parts of the globe. He was made Brand Ambassador for HIV/AIDS by the Manipur State AIDS Control Society and was roped in by the India chapter of a global non-profit to lead a pan-India HIV awareness campaign from Delhi.

Pradip also took up the cudgels to sensitise people to the ill-effects of drug abuse, to which Manipur is the biggest victim in Northeast India. Given the fact that he contracted the 'deadly virus' through sharing of needles, he sincerely appeals to youngsters to say no to drugs.

Pradip has been living with HIV for more than 15 years and continues to be

unbelievably strong in mind and body. A true iconoclast, Pradip never gets

tired of saying: 'HIV does not kill people, it's society that kills HIV positive


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