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Would you like to transcend the innate fear of death? Do you wish you could sense God's presence in your life?

David Knight—author of 8 'self-help/transformation' books—has helped to conduct spiritual development and healing circles for over 25 years. As a guest speaker, he has also shared his enlightened experiences to promote 'oneness' and self-realization at various mind, body, and spirit engagements in the UK.

 I AM I The Indweller of Your Heart —'Collection' is a culmination of many years listening to the inner voice—having his own conversations with God. They materialise here as 156 lesson's which can help you to live, but they cannot show you how to live. Remember, 'class' comes not from ownership or upon the standard of your journey, but in what you do and complete within it.

In this book you will learn:
The importance of eradicating the weeds of deceit, hate, anguish and painThe key to unlocking the door to life's opportunitiesHow to simplify your life and see every challenge as a silver liningHow to survive the roller-coaster ride of life's ups and downsHow to recognise the stepping-stones to your own truthTo navigate the sea of your emotions on this voyage of self-discovery Why love is the very fabric of creationYour real path to paradise … to find eternal bliss and peaceWhy the divine is no fair-weather friend, but your one true refuge
God says, 'Realise you are safe, to lie within the shores of my loving arms; a harbour of rest and peace … for I am the keeper of your life, your hope and your dreams and this is the reality within your heart and soul forevermore. So, if you would like to know how it feels to connect with the real source of illumination and power, then I am I The Indweller of Your Heart —'Collection' will help you to find the answers you seek.

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