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When a 16 year old, small town girl, Christine Matthews, from Dryden, Michigan gets a shot at playing semi- professional hockey on a boys hockey team
she jumps at the opportunity.

Follow her ups and downs as she tackles some of lives hardships, surprises, and victories as she reaches out to catch her dreams. Journey with her as
she struggles through some of life's tough situations, as well as love and loss.

Her story is inspirational to people every where who feel their dreams are unreachable.

Christine wants one thing in her life, hockey. Nothing would ever mean more to her than that. She had worked so hard for it without the support of her
friends and family. When she meets Alex her world starts to change.

Why was she so enticed by this boy. She had to stop thinking about how gorgeous he was. He would be running for the exits as soon as he found out what
she was doing there. She noticed that her palms were starting to sweat, she wiped them on her jeans, before he noticed. She wanted to hate him. She
couldn't have these type of distractions around her. She needed to be focused on the prize.

Then there was Moose. What would she do without him? This couldn't be happening right now, not to her. She still had her stalker to deal with. The
hatred he had for her, in those deep black coal eyes. Was her life about to spiral out of control?

Fiction e letteratura
29 novembre