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Robert Hamlin, a 19-year-old college student lacking self-confidence and motivation, returns home from college one weekend. After another long conversation with his mother about "its now time to pick a college major . . . ", Bob goes to sleep for the evening and his future is revealed to him by a series of dreams.

While in college, two major events occur in Robert Hamlins life. First, he wins the Illinois lottery, co-winning a $12 million purse. His great luck financially permits him to create a successful political consulting firm and be elected to the U.S. Congress at the age of 25. Second, the U.S. Constitution is amended to prohibit discrimination in employment by ones age. He later uses the amendment to run for the U.S. presidency----and gets elected at the age of 29.

In his short political career and young age, he offers policy proposals with a strong sense of candor, not too often seen by elected officials in our democracy today. In doing so, he subsequently wins over the hearts of both men and women by working with people to realistically address the problems facing our country. Throughout the story, he addresses the disbelief young people have toward politics from repeated scandals of corruption, lying, and other "questionable" activities.

Robert Hamlin lives his life in a manner to demonstrate how elected officials can help our nations citizens. He believes that, "Public officials have forgotten that they are elected and paid by us." He summarizes the need to move forward by saying, "Let the future begin."

The first in an anticipated series of three stories, In My Dreams helps to inform Americans about the political process. More importantly, it tries to serve as a symbol of hope for a better future in our political system--by giving people an opportunity to "vote for a candidate, rather than against one."

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