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Slightly Bent
Hubert Emmitt was a tall young boy for his age. He stood a lanky six feet and four inches tall. His nickname was Slightly Bent. He loved baseball; it was his life, world and dream. He was the best and the scouts had their eyes on him. He was headed to the top until something happened and changed everything. Sometimes in life dreams don’t always come true.

Sugar Creek
It was spring break. Beverly and Connie were headed to a concert in Hickory Flatts for the weekend. But, their well-planned trip changes when they have to take a detour. When they pick up a hitchhiker, they end up having a bizarre, twisted weekend at Sugar Creek.

Hit and Run
It was a summer day in 1956 in Hollow Rock, Mississippi. Jerome Noles, a twelve-year-old boy was walking home from fishing. He was hit and killed by a driver who never stopped to help him. Would the driver get away with it because of who he was? Would a homeless man who witnessed the hit and run bring down the driver, a kingpin in the county?

The Undertaker
December 9, 1962 in Walnut Creek, Arkansas, a woman’s body is found at the Traveler’s Rest Motel. She is the fourth victim of a rage of murders in Walnut Creek. A serial killer is on the loose. Can Detective Hudson and Detective Durham find and stop the killer before he claims another victim?

The Counselor
Andy and Elaine Wilkerson had been in Sandy Oaks, South Carolina for the past two years. Elaine was from Ten Mile, Georgia. They moved to Sandy Oaks to take care of her mother who was battling breast cancer. But, little did she know by moving back her life would change dramatically.

The Black Book
The year was 1951 in the small town of Long Creek, Kentucky. A serial killer was on the rampage. There had been two murders already and another body had been found. As the story unravels, the detectives begin to close in on the killer. Will a black book that was found hold the key to the bizarre murders and lead to a twisted ending?

In the Bite of Winter
When Police Chief Johnny Sloan arrives home, he finds his wife has been murdered. As the investigation goes on, Chief Sloan believes her boyfriend, Tommy Lee Lambert, killed her. With rumors spreading quickly around town and the political involvement, the case isn’t as it seems.

Sunset Motel
It was 1973 in Willow Brook, Mississippi at the Sunset Motel when Diane Riddle went in to rent a room. The clerk, Jimmy, noticed nervous she was because she kept looking out the window like someone was following her. When morning came, he called her room because she had requested a wakeup call. She didn’t answer so he went to her room to make sure she was okay. But, she was gone. The room had been ransacked.

Jones Street
Betty Jean lived in Spring Creek with her husband, Donald; they lived on Jones Street. Little did she know, after the death of her husband, her life would change forever. Jones Street holds a secret that will haunt her and drive her almost over the edge.

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