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There are Overcomers and then there are Last Men. Zyer Inri Payne is clearly the latter: a despised eikon, trusting in the power of the Stran god, Kwame Firstblood, rather than in his superior mind. For seven years he has languished in Anneheg Prison rejected by his nation, resented by his wife and forgotten by his children. Until now.

Thirteen-year-old edger, Jabez Payne, wants his father back. So does Overman Rothko Darma, who helped imprison him. But as the edger and politician form an uneasy alliance, Jabez soon realizes that the journey back to his father is fraught with danger, not least from the Overman himself, who believes that the mind is the gateway to the universe—and that a certain young mind will do.

Enlisting the help of his best friend, Teo, Jabez scours the streets of Enth, taking on a neon-headed gang and an experimental reject known as a framshifter. In another part of the city an unexpected visitor offers young Grace Hartswell a wonderworking gift involving the restoration of particular body parts. Can she accept, knowing that it will put her family's lives in danger? Then there's Chief Inspector Mantero, who risks life and limb to destroy vital evidence that could compromise her bosses, the Council for Religious Affairs and Worship.

All roads lead to Godzoan City, and as Jabez faces his greatest challenge, can he rely on what he can see or should he trust in the unseen?

Eikon, the first book in the Jabez Payne series, is an ambitious novel for young and older adults alike. Written by newcomer, Caroline Shelley Lewis, and set in a parallel universe, it crosses both the physical and the supernatural realms, drawing on biblical and philosophical themes, and features a wealth of memorable characters and inventive dialects. Readers will enjoy this fast-paced tale of the battle between the mind and the spirit, science and faith, the unsettled present and the hope of an extraordinary future. Visit www.jabezpayne.com.

Fantascienza e fantasy
22 aprile
Eaglion Press