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Using simple two, three and four note chord shapes, 'Jazz guitar voicings' by Hugh Burns, aims to get the reader up and playing as quickly as possible and provides an easy introduction to the world of jazz guitar harmonies. The book shows how a relatively small number of basic shapes can be utilised at different positions on the guitar fretboard to produce a wide range of chords. Chord charts, tabulature and staff notation are used to demonstrate the exercises throughout the book and each exercise, over fifty in total, is accompanied by an embedded audio track.

PLEASE NOTE – Many music tuition eBooks are straight copies of original paper publications that were sold with an accompanying audio CD of demonstration tracks. The eBook versions of these books often do not contain embedded audio or offer any means of obtaining the associated CD. For eBook distribution formats that do not provide embedded audio, for example Amazon Kindle, a CD of the demonstration tracks for Jazz guitar voicings is available from www.acousticmasters.com.

The audio demonstration tracks made for the book are high quality studio recordings made using a Gretsch Synchromatic archtop guitar, acoustic double bass and a full drum kit. The audio demos in the iBook form of the book, can be played by touching a player interface displayed on the page.

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