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Key Features: Emergent short vowel phonics readers with easy-to-read stories and fun illustrations. This set consists of Level A - Books 1 to 10.

These fun stories contain words using short vowels, CVC pattern (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) and basic sight words. Great for emerging readers and children with dyslexia.

Description: Most books for emerging readers use words with both long and short vowels, which can be confusing for a new reader. These books provide emerging readers the much-needed opportunity to reinforce only short vowel sounds in words, the first steps in early reading, without being exposed to long vowels. Once children know their consonants and short vowel sounds, and can "sound out" words (phonics), they are ready to read these books.

Success in reading builds self-esteem and motivates the child to want to read more. The series gradually increases in the level of reading, going from shorter and simpler stories to more complex, longer plots, all the while using words with short vowels.

Words go up from simple CVC patterns (Consonant-Vowel-Consonant) "dog, rat, pig", to more complex blends "stuff, melt, swept", but since the books still use short vowels and basic sight words, children are able to read them correctly, while enjoying the stories and illustrations.

Created by a reading and dyslexia tutor, these short vowel books with fun illustrations help children learn to read.

Note to parents and teachers:The first few pages of each book lists "Words to Know" in a box. The words in the box are tricky words. They may be sight words that can't be "sounded out", or just words that need explicit instruction.

Teach these to your child before starting the story. Reading is easier and smoother if the child is already familiar with these words.

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