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How does Kafka's Uncle and Kafka's Uncle: The Unfortunate Sequel begin? Here, for the first time, the terrible secret is revealed! In the not too distant future, we find Brusjavik Taylorskavich, state-sanctioned, self-proclaimed, "whore-writer" for the Corporate States of America, at a table, waiting to order a meal at the Bay Cafe', overlooking the wonderfully flooded streets of Seattle as a result of the melting of the useless polar caps. As he contemplates his writer-celebrity status and his next award-winning projects, he meets his waiter, a nervous lad by the name of—Anslenot.

Also included in this book is the novella, 13 MILES TO PARADISE. The Garnett family, on their way to Paradise, a world famous picnic-hiking area at Mt. Rainier in Washington State--well, all was going along just fine until the family got stuck behind a Winnebago trailer. Though no one is saying much to each other, in their heads, they are saying a LOT. Magic realism anybody? Originally published in an anthology titled ALEMBICAL, edited by Lawrence M. Schoen and Arthur Dorrance with work by Jay Lake, James Van Pelt and Ray Vuckcevich, the collection received a starred review in Publishers Weekly.

Completing the book are twenty other stories, some of which have been previously published.

"Bruce Taylor has earned the title of 'Mr. Magic Realism' by dint of producing works that are fascinating, insightful, and downright fun to read. His fiction will make you think . . . And smile."
—Ben Bova

"a very gifted short fiction writer"
—Jeff VanderMeer

"Writes like Bradbury at his finest"
—William F. Nolan

"(Bruce) is the transformational figure for science fiction"
—Elton Elliott, former editor of the Science Fiction Review

"A writer of imagination and insight, Bruce Taylor delivers a collection of stories that amazes and intrigues."
—Terry Brooks

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