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(...) Loton uses them all to great effect - fresh enough to hook you in, but then garnished with enough of his own brand of slick writing style and black humour to keep you reading till the end. 


“Kai-Me-Rah is really nicely written. The characters, Turo especially, are well rounded and the wry one-liners are laced with a terrific gallows humour. The plot is different enough to keep you interested and the central reveal about Turo, when it comes, is deftly handled and as unexpected as it is inevitable.”

(...) “But this time I can happily report a novel that stands head and shoulders above the morass of self-published novels out there and I'll happily recommend it.”

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In a gritty future dystopia, Turo is the world’s most lethal bounty hunter. This tough-as-nails mercenary survives on a toxic mix of booze, deadly narcotics, women – and his gift for snuffing out human life. 

His only friends are the quasi-dictator who runs the city, a local drug dealer, and the artificial intelligence system in his flying car. 

And Turo has other big problems: He’s spent most of his life as an orphan with no memory of his father and only a silver chain and ring to remind him of the mother he briefly knew. 

But when a deranged military commando from his family’s past returns to exact revenge on Turo and the city he calls home, this tortured soul must confront the dark secrets of his own history and the genetic experiments responsible for his superhuman powers. 

Can Turo stop this madman in time to save his city – and himself? Will he learn the dark secrets that shaped his desperate existence? Does he even care enough to try? 

In his stunning debut novel, London writer Steven Loton redefines postmodern storytelling with his gift for exposing dark truths and human pain. This dystopian, cyberpunk, action packed thrilling sci-fi adventure of a novel will have you laughing out loud with great comedy value and witty lines. In the vein of masters like Philip K. Dick and Kurt Vonnegut, Loton weaves a white-knuckle tale of death, destruction… and the ultimate redeeming power of love and romance that can save us all. 

Fantascienza e fantasy
19 ottobre
Steven Loton

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