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Keep Evolving - Episode 3 ...

It seems that the gang accidentally released an ancient Assyrian apocalypse. There are seven to herald its arrival and four have gone by already. All Jean-Luc has to do is stop the other signs ... but how do you stop the sky from raining frogs?

The gods are gone. All of them.

Since they left, mythical creatures of all shapes and sizes have been forced to Earth as refugees dependent on the goodwill of humans. Trouble is most humans don't have much goodwill ... 

Then there's Jean-Luc, a struggling hotelier who promised to help these wayward 'Others' live in this new GoneGod world. It's a promise that just might get him killed. In the past year alone, his hotel was blown up, his best friend - a drunk fallen angel - picked a fight with an Other hating gang and, oh yeah, the world almost ended (again). 

But things are finally starting to look-up for Jean-Luc. He’s dating Medusa, most Others respect him and his new hotel has just been booked for the biggest event of the century. Sadly his good fortune takes a turn for the worse when his guests accidentally set off the apocalypse. 

It seems that when the gods departed, they left behind their WMDs: Weapons of Mass Destruction—or rather, ATDs: Apocalypses of Total Destruction. 

Now Jean-Luc is forced to face-off against Ragnarok, Revelations and a creature he’s pretty sure is the Kraken. 

All in a day’s work in Paradise Lot. 

Fiction e letteratura
23 agosto
R.E. Vance

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