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Lars returns to the city of Ragal, eager to see Amelia again and to discover what he can learn there. Since the attack of the Draknor many people have been displaced and formed roving groups of bandits, stealing and killing to survive, making the land of Gravick a very dangerous place for travellers.
In Ragal he once again finds himself visting the crystal dome in his dreams. The souls trapped there seem more distraught than usual and what Lars discovers from them makes him determined to find a way to set them free.
Meanwhile, across the oceans, an army sets sail, intent on destroying Ragal and reclaiming their birthright. King Zief, learning of their approach to his lands, feels the need to have Ragal better protected. Keeping this news secret Zief plans for the coming battle.
As Lars continues with his lessons the king also places on him the burden of perfecting weapons that have already killed men far more experienced in that field than him.
With his lessons, his determination to free the souls, and now the weapons to try and improve, Lars also has to deal with deciet and lies form House Corban and his beloved Amelia.
And war his coming, which Lars will be drawn into whether he wishes it or not. If Ragal is to survive, Lars must work with people he has come to despise and try and force a peace between them.

Fantascienza e fantasy
13 gennaio

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