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Post-Apocalyptic-Dystopia Sci-fi / Dark Fantasy / Graphic Content / 18+

What does any survivor of a planetary holocaust want— but to keep surviving.

Some one hundred years ago their planet Terra’s surface slipped on its axis while many survived, it is about all they have done. For not long after, the generals of Martial Law, who were meant to protect, instead, declare themselves Lords. Their gains carved out with a trail of blood, generating a fear that plays a price in surviving and over the passages came to be called the Blood Lords. And tyranny got a new meaning. That’s when the Keepers of Destiny came up with a plan—The Symbiotai: an ethereal symbiotic being that is more liquid light than body, brought knowledge and heightened skills to its host to help the survivor colonies to, not just survive, but rebuild.

However, what was meant to be hope was met with fear. For things meant for good, can also be manipulated to become even worse weapons. And it was for this reason, the call for their execution was made.

While the Keepers saw the Symbiote bonds created— the following generations saw to it they were exterminated. Now, only a few remain and Aari may very well be the last Breeder of their kind. So, in order to protect her, They hid her— right under everyone’s noses— within the very military detail designed to hunt her kind down.

A shift in power is coming, so says the prophecies. But it is not Aari who will bring down the Blood Lords. That destiny belongs to one man from the Northern Tribes. A sword wielding warrior the seers call the Titan. But even the Titan will need Aari’s gift, and perhaps something else he wasn’t counting on, in order to succeed.

Fantascienza e fantasy
12 dicembre
TPS Publishing

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